Teak Wall Cladding Installation Instructions

Step 1: Tools

Required: Industrial Glue, Hand Saw or Table Saw
Recommended: Air Nail Gun with Finishing Nails (Use Brad Nails for Best Results)

Step 2: Wall Surface Preparation

Repair any damaged surfaces on the wall where you plan to install the Teak Wall Panels and ensure that the wall is flat, clean, and dry.

Step 3: Teak Panel Preparation + Starting Point

Using a table or hand saw cut the first panel to be flush with one corner of the desired wall. Apply chosen industrial glue evenly to the back of the panel and place it in the corner spot on the wall. Firmly press the panel into the wall and wipe away all excess glue from edges. (Optional) - see step 5

Step 4: Teak Panel Installation Process

Apply glue to the back of the next panel and install it directly adjacent to the corner panel applied in the previous step. Use the interlocking ends of each panel to create a flush look. Continue this process across the wall until you reach the other end of the wall. Use the saw to cut off all remaining overhang so the end panel is flush with the end of the wall. Repeat steps 3 and 4 to cover entire wall with panels. Additional cutting may be required for a perfect flush fit.

Step 5: Nails for Added Stability

Once all of the panels have been installed, use the air nail gun and finishing nails to add more stability. Use up to 4 nails (one near each corner of each panel) to ensure permanent build. This step can also be completed after each panel is installed.